Third World Billionaires


Brand new hilarious and food for thought provoking mini-series (4×30’) about extreme wealth set in extremely poor conditions.


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Third World Billionaires

Third World Billionaires

In the best Louis Theroux kind-of-style, we travel with Danish journalist Kristoffer Eriksen to meet some of the most wealthy persons inhabiting Third World Countries

Eps. 1: Kristoffer travels to Kenya to meet Chris Kirubi, who is one of the richest men in the country. The President has named businessman Kirubi as the official international face of Kenya to help create the right image for the country. At the same time, a big corruption scandal is threatening Kirubi’s official carreer. Kristoffer wants to ask Kirubi about the corruption but the meeting turns out to be much more complicated than that…

Eps. 2: In the second program we go to Bangladesh to meet the eccentric Prince Moosa. In a country with 1/3 of the population living below the poverty line, Prince Moosa insists that poverty is your own fault. Bonus info: Prince Moosa is so rich that he does not feel the need to feed himself but instead lets his servants feed him.

Eps. 3: In Ghana Kristoffer meets Moses Baiden whose wealth comes from collaborating with the Government. But how do you get so extremely rich by working for the State – and in a country where widespread corruption is the norm? These are some of the questions Moses Baiden are trying to avoid answering.

Eps. 4: Finally in Nepal Kristoffer meets the super-rich business man Binod Chaudhary who is so wealthy that his fortune could pull the entire country of Nepal out of Poverty for the next 10 years. But would he be willing to do that?

The program series was a big hit at DR TV and online, which means that new episodes are now in production.

Journalist/Presenter Kristoffer Eriksen
Producer Ole Tornbjerg
Produced by Impact TV for DR TV
Duration 4 x 29 min.
Year of Production 2016
Original Title Superrig i slummen