Big City, Big Spirit


The French, world famous and classic top-brand Cartier and the upcoming Danish, Buddhism inspired and New-Kids-on-the-Block brand Shamballa – two jewellery houses; each with their own defining heritage and mindset share a common passion for fine art jewellery.


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Big City, Big Spirit

Big City, Big Spirit

This documentary follows jewellery designers from the two distinguished houses and their source of inspiration are from the decadent Parisian atmosphere and the cool and understated Scandinavian lifestyle in Copenhagen to the mountains of Himalaya. We are permitted into the very hearts of the brands, the workshops, were signature pieces are made.

Jewellery art which, for more than 150 years, have grabbed the hearts of millions. Displayed and favoured by celebrities, from actors, musicians and sports stars alike to the royal families around the world, the jewellery has become the symbol of success and glamour.

Director & Producer Cathrine la Cour & Niels Birkemose
Produced by Elmstreet Media
Duration 50 min.
Year of Production 2011
Original Title Big City, Big Spirit - a Jewelled Love Story