Better Times


A family saga in 22 episodes, about four young people and the turns their lives take in the post-war-era of the 1950’s as society changes.


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Better Times

Better Times

A Family Saga by Stig Thorsboe

Better Times is the story of four young people who, when the events take off in 1949, are all determined to conquer the world – each in their own way. Their love stories, dreams, hopes, disappointments and victories are the focus of the series.

The characters in Better Times belong to a post-war generation eager to embrace a future free from the scarcity of goods, housing shortages, and hand-me-down clothes – eager to set their own agenda. But they are also children of a generation that does not take likely to change and one ready to put down any attempts to break the mould. 20 years later, our protagonists they themselves will witness ta far more efficient rebellion by their own children.

Better Times is also the sotry of the period which saw the introduction of television. A new medium which offered pioneering visions of culture and public information and then became an unruly child as society changed,or as television changed society.

The series revolves around Bella, a radio and television factory. As the story unfolds, Bella becomes a reflection of a changing society from the post-war era of the 1950s, through the prosperous 1960s, to the 1970s when society was caught off-guard by the oil crisis and economic depression.

With engaging characters and an equally engaging storyline, Better Times achieved Prime Time average viewer share of 89 %.

Emmy Nominated

Director Charlotte Sieling
Author Stig Thorsboe
Producer Sven Clausen
Produced by DR
Duration 22 x 60 min.
Years of Production 2004-2007
Original Title Kr√łniken