Behind the Veil of the Mosques


Adulterous women should be stoned, apostate Muslims should be killed, and it is okay to beat your children if they do not pray to Allah – These are some of the advice that two moles get from leading mosques in Denmark


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Behind the Veil of the Mosques

Behind the Veil of the Mosques

Two young Muslims go undercover in Muslim immigrant communities. For three months they live as a married couple, Fatma and Mohammed, seeking advice about life as a newly arrived Muslim in the West. During these months they visit eight of the country’s largest mosques. Most are publicly known as moderate, but using a hidden camera the documentary reveals a very different reality.

In closed study groups and Koran schools the moles find a world where children are brought up to detest “infidels” in environments that are largely ruled by Sharia law. When the couple is experiencing marital problems, they seek personal advice from imams and religious leaders who advise against seeking assistance from Danish authorities. Fatma is told not to go to the police when she gets beaten up by her husband, and she must not refuse him sex. In return it is okay for her husband to have several wives if that’s what will fix his problems with her. The conflict ends in a Sharia court where three imams once and for all decide the young couple’s future.

Directors Martin Kjær Jensen & Irene Thyrri
Producer Lars Høj
Produced by Dokumentarkompagniet
Duration 1 hour
Year of Production 2016
Original Title Moskeerne bag sløret