Behind Borgen


Borgen Behind the Scenes – fact or fiction?


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Behind Borgen

Behind Borgen

We have been following Birgitte Nyborg, Katrine Fønsmark, Kasper Juul and the rest of the characters from Borgen for some years now in this award-winning series.

This documentary is about the people who have spent almost four years shooting three seasons of Borgen. It takes us backstage as we see how the cast, the directors and writers work together. We learn about their ideas, thoughts, visions, and the struggles they undergo.

They tell us about their work, and politicians compare the series to the world they know from Christiansborg: experienced politicians recognize the way the series portrays the difficulties of maintaining normal lives in the face of the divorces, red tops, and paparazzi.

The cast served internships to help them develop realistic characters; Katrine Fønsmark drew plenty of inspiration from DR TV News, for example. But how much of Borgen is based on historical events from Danish society?

Directors Johannes Pico Geerdsen & Rikke Tørholm Kofoed
Producer Camilla Hammerich
Produced by DR
Duration 60 min.
Year of Production 2011
Original Title Bag om Borgen - Fakta eller Fiktion?