Average Body, Sex and Death

10 episodes
29 min.

We take in the whole country as we gain an entertaining but astonishingly honest insight into what other people really think about sex, death and the body


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Average Body, Sex and Death

Average Body, Sex and Death

In ten episodes we will explore different topics to uncover how common people think and handle some of the taboos in life. Each series has its own unique setting where we meet our participants; a bed, a sauna or a coffin.

The setting supports the theme and makes the conversations informal as the viewers are invited into some of the most intimate settings of everyday life. Between talks and to drive conversation, the topic is explored with facts that originates from a nationwide survey.

Some of the myths surrounding the taboos will be explored, both by professionals and laymen to set facts straight, which creates surprising and fun outcomes.

Producer DR
Broadcaster DR3
Genre Factual Entertainment
Duration 10 x 29 min.
Year of Production 2014
Original Title Gennemsnitlig krop, Gennemsnitlig sex & Gennemsnitlig død