At the Edge of Russia

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Alexiei will not only learn how to survive in extreme winter conditions, he may just be taught the most valuable lesson of his life.


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At the Edge of Russia

At the Edge of Russia

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Welcome to perhaps the most remote army post in the world.

Alexiei, a nineteen year old Russian recruit, is being flown to perform his military service at a small base in a remote part of Northern Russia. This base is one of few such frontier posts on the Arctic Ocean, guarding the vast, uninhabited parts of the Russian country.

Besides Alexiei, five other soldiers are stationed there. All five have been there for a long time, perhaps too long, each of them carrying their personal worries and secrets.

It is hard for them imagining going back to a life with real people and to reconnect with their past. It is easier to continue their absurd service of guarding this submerged area always covered in snow, hundreds of miles away from the nearest human settlement.

Director Michal Marczak
Producer Marianna Rowiska
Duration 72 min. and 60 min.
Year of Production 2010
Original Title Koniec Rosji