Asger Jorn - Go to Hell with Your Money


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Asger Jorn – Go to Hell with Your Money

Asger Jorn – Go to Hell with Your Money

The personal story of Asger Jorn, the celebrated Danish painter and founder of the COBRA movement who struggled all life long for recognition in his native country.

He sacrificed everything for his art, including his wives and his children. His story is the myth of the penniless artist who must endure so much for his art and who only achieves world fame late in life.

Asger Jorn has been described as a ‘restless rebel’. His storyis told here by the people who were close to him, including hisson who never learnt to call him father. Asger Jorn died only 59 years old.

This film pays homage to an uncompromising man with unfailing faith in himself.

Directors Anna von Lowzow & Lene Borch Hansen
Producer Louise Birk Petersen
Produced by Nordisk Film for DR
Duration 58 min.
Year of Production 2014
Original Title Man siger ikke nej til Asger