The Arms Drop


Dropping 4 tons of illegal weapons over India can be a dangerous deed


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The Arms Drop, a.k.a, Secret Flight

The Arms Drop, a.k.a, Secret Flight

Former British arms dealer and ex-mercenary Peter Bleach is on a mission to find the MI5 agent who lied in court when Bleach was facing a possible death sentence in India. On his word, Bleach was convicted for dropping 4 tons of weapons over the West Bengal in order to start a civil war.

In fact, Bleach was indeed part of the weapons drop – but he was working as an MI5 informer to catch the mastermind behind it, the Danish activist Niels Holck, who was also on board the plane. As Niels Holck during the night dramatically escape the Indian police in Mumbai Airport where the plane is detained, Peter Bleach is left behind to pay the ultimate price.

Bleach is left to rot 8 years in an Indian jail under horrible circumstances before he managed to prove his collaboration with the MI5. When he is eventually released, he embarks on a quest to find the British agent who set him up.
This is the story of one the world’s largest illegal weapon drops, and how it came to pass with the knowledge of three governments. It is a story of a fatal flight of two men; built on the subjective reconstructions of the main characters who will re-live the actions and psychological tension on board the plane, where both were trying to deceive the other.

Director Andreas Koefoed, script by Tobias Lindholm
Producer Miriam Nørgaard
Produced by Fridthjof Film for DR TV in association with SVT, VRT, VPRO, ERR, LTV, RTV
Duration 58 min. and feature
Year of production 2014,