Anyone for Coffee and Heroin?


For 40 years society has combatted heroin. Now Maria – a Copenhagen nurse – prepares legal heroin as a service of the state to a number of addicts


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Anyone for Coffee and Heroin?

Anyone for Coffee and Heroin?

As the first country in history Denmark decided to offer heroin to entrenched users
– not as a trial but straight off as a permanent mode of treatment.

Having won the confidence of staff and addicts filmmaker Ulrik Holmstrup has been allowed to document life inside ‘The Poppy’ clinic. His documentary gives unique insights into what it means in human terms to have heroin prescribed by doctors.

Research has shown that many harms alleged to stem from drugs are due to the life the users lead to obtain illegal drugs and the non medical quality of their intake. The idea behind prescribing heroin is to reduce the harms of using drugs, stabilize the users and reduce crime and prostitution. This is theory. What is reality like?

Director Producer Ulrik Holmstrup
Produced by tvDOKfilm, in association with DR og NRK
Duration 58 min.
Year of Production 2011
Original Title Så er der kaffe og heroin