Antique Hunters

10 episodes
28 min.

Every home contains a stack of historic treasures and valuables by way of heirlooms and antiques.


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Antique Hunters

Antique Hunters

This series accompanies three antiques experts as they travel the country to meet all kinds of people. The experts help a nation to dig out old treasures and especially to hear the stories associated with what they find.

We visit flea markets, estate clearances, people at home, and people at auctions.
The programme delves into a piece of the Nation and cultural history via the old bric-a-brac, and conveys an enthusiasm for the treasures of the past and the stories and feelings that bind objects and people.

The spotlight is on passion, enthusiasm, surprise encounters, the pleasure of collecting old knickknacks and the human stories associated with the treasures. The series takes us around the whole country and introduces us to a treasure trove of people and locations.

Our first expert is the proprietor of a large auction house and the antique trade is in his genes. Every day hundreds of old objects pass through his hands. He loves it! He takes great pleasure in extending his knowledge and meeting people of all kinds.

The second expert represents the third generation. Focusing on antiques of the highest quality from the 18th century and including clients such as the royal family, museums and interior designers both national and international.

Our third experts was born and bred in the trade; his father took him with him as he toured the country buying and selling antiques.

Genre Factual Entertainment
Broadcaster DR1
Producer DR
Duration 7 seasons: 10 x 28 min.
Year of production 2014
Original Title Skattejægerne