Anja & The Witch Children


Anja Lovén has dedicated her life to saving “witch children” in Nigeria. Children who are being ostracized from society, persecuted and tortured.


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Anja & the Witch Children

Anja & the Witch Children

Anja oversees an emergency organization and she runs an orphanage for the so-called “witch children” in the town Uyo with her husband. Accusations of being a witch are seen daily in the violence-plagued country, which is ravaged by Boko Haram and other extremist groups.

Anja embarks on several extremely dangerous rescue acts to small Nigerian villages. One day Anja gets a tip about a witch child in a nearby village. Anja leaves for the village, where she finds a deadly starved boy – ostracized after the parents have disappeared. She manages to smuggle the boy out and bring him back to the orphanage, where Anja gives the boy the name HOPE.

The story of Anja saving the little boy’s life travelled the world and Anja has since become famous on News Channels and Social Media around the world for her courageous and inspiring work – The sudden fame has Anja used to make more people aware of the importance of her organizations work in Nigeria.

”I have seen some things in Africa that I cannot forget, which is why I do, what I do”, Anja Loven.

Director Jeppe Sig
Producer Kaare Sand
Produced by Pipeline Production for DR
Duration 1 hour
Year of Production 2017