Anja & The Witch Trial


In Nigeria, children are accused of being witches and forced on religious trials where superstitious local elders decide if they should live or die


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Anja & the Witch Trial

Anja & the Witch Trial

Danish Anja Lovén has dedicated her life to saving these so-called ‘witch children’, in one of the poorest regions of the world.

The media celebrity is attempting to save three children who have been accused of being witches by their own grandfather. He believes that they are responsible for his swollen legs, and states that his grandchildren have ordered rats to come and eat off his legs while he is asleep. The children are now facing a witch trial with no chance of defending themselves. But Anja is determined to save the children.

However, Anja’s work in Nigeria doesn’t end here. She has overseen the completion of a fully functioning children’s home, where the rescued children can live in safety and enjoy a childhood they have never known. Next up is building her own hospital for the children.

Hope, a small malnourished boy who Anja rescued in 2016, has miraculously survived and is now thriving in the children’s home and documented in the film ‘Anja and The Witch Children’. The rescue of Hope has gained international attention for Anja’s work and she has now gotten an invitation to visit none other than the Dalai Lama.

Director Jeppe Kirk Jørgensen
Producer Kaare Sand
Produced by Pipeline Production for DR
Duration 53 min.
Release 2018