Andy Schleck: My Tour


Pro-cylist Andy Schleck is the heir apparent to the world’s biggest and most talked about cycling race, the Tour de France.


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Andy Schleck: My Tour

Andy Schleck: My Tour

In the race to the 2011 finish line, Danish Broadcasting has exclusive access to the champion rider and his top new pro-cycling outfit, Team Leopard Trek.

Over the past two years of Tour de France, Andy Schleck has come a close second to Spanish rider Alberto Contador. This year, Schleck vows to go one better. Team Leopard Trek is an ambitious professional cycling project. Andy Schleck and his equally talented brother Frank have just risked everything by leaving the Danish Team Saxo Bank.

The champion’s systematic preparations, his personal meetings and conversations will be opened up. But will Schleck have the support he needs in a new, untested team? It takes time to build up the organization, culture and professionalism needed to succeed in the Tour de France.

Director Niels Christian Jung
Produced by DR
Duration 60 min.
Year of Production 2011
Original Title Andy Schleck: My Tour