Amazing Azerbaijan


Human rights and a pop show. In 2012 the Eurovision Song Contest came to Azerbaijan


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Amazing Azerbaijan

Amazing Azerbaijan

Last year, a sugary duet with the unintentionally ironic title “Running Scared” secured the contest for this oil and gas-rich, former Soviet Republic on the Easternmost tip of Europe. The competition claims to be an apolitical celebration of European unity; but when the President declared the victory a national achievement he offered the nation up to the harsh glare of the international spotlight, for better or worse.

According to international observers, the government’s record on press freedom, transparency, and democratic principles leaves much to be desired. This is a tale of two countries: one a shiny democratic republic the government proudly puts on display for visiting journalists and dignitaries, the other a repressive and corrupt land with no respect for freedom of expression or assembly.

Director Liz Mermin
Producer Aisling Ahmed
Produced by Crow Hill Films Ltd
Duration 54 min.
Year of Production 2012
Original Title Amazing Azerbaijan