Amazing Authors

6 episodes
28 min.

Get a new perspective on the best authors of your country!


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Amazing Authors

Amazing Authors

In a tribute to the imaginary and boundless world, the show Amazing Authors gets close to some of our most famous writers in an unusual series about literature and identity.

The host will investigate who six of the nation’s greatest writers really were and why they became famous.

The viewers will shoot shortcuts to an understanding of who the six writers were, what inspired them and why they wrote as they did. In each programme, the host not only meets the author, in the form of an actor, in some key situations or turning points in the author’s life, but also experts, fans and others with great insight into the author’s lives and works.

Created by DR
Commissioned by DR1
Slot 20.30
Duration 28 min.
Original title Øgendahl og de store forfattere