All Inclusive


All Inclusive is a tender comedy about two sisters and their mother finding each other on a chaotic journey of expectations, mini-golf, old family patterns, Bacardi Breezers, jealousy, lies, love and compromising photos


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All Inclusive

All Inclusive

32 year-old Ditte is far from perfect. She is the irresponsible eternal teenager – unlike her older sister Sigrid, who is a mature mother of three. So when their father leaves their mother, Lise, after 38 years of marriage, Lise confides in Sigrid, leaving Ditte completely out of the loop when she – with a massive hangover – turns up late at the airport for Lise’s 60th birthday celebration trip to Malta. The three women check in to a colourful and family-friendly resort with a pool bar, free buffet and entertainment program.

Feeling more left out than ever, Ditte decides to prove that she is indeed a good daughter and not as hopeless as her mother and sister believe her to be. Unfortunately, all her efforts are in vain.

The holiday turns into a family love triangle with the sisters competing for their devastated mother’s love and attention, which gets even more complicated, when Ditte hires the disco-dancing bartender, Antonio, for one night to flirt with Lise to cheer her up, leading even more unexpected heartbreak.

Director Hella Joof
Producer Mie Andreasen
Produced by Happy Ending Film
Author Mette Heeno
Duration 90 min.
Year of Production 2015
Original Title All Inclusive