Album is the story about three families. Three families that don’t really know each other, yet whose paths keep crossing through the years in a tangled tale of roots, sexual desire, money, booze and parties. A story about longing and love – and about asceticism.


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album_Winner of Reflet d'Or Cinéma Tous Ecrans

Three Families. Three Destinies. Three Decades.

Album consists of a series of snapshots from the histories of three families. It is like leafing through a photo album and seeing the pictures we would like to see. But also those we would prefer to forget about because they contain too much sorrow and pain. The three families do not really know each other. Nevertheless they affect each other’s lives through three decades from 1970 to 2000.

It all starts with a piece of land being converted from farmland into plots for summer cottages. The land is sold at much too low a price. The old farmer, Kristoffer Olufsen, has to sell the family farm because his socialist son Søren is not interested in taking over the holding. He does, however, want to prevent the farm from being sold to the enterprising and alcoholic developer Vilhelm Rolsted. In the end, Søren recommends the sale anyway. His ten-year-old son, Jon, witnesses his father’s betrayal, just as he witnesses his mother’s adultery – experiences which affect Jon deeply and play a part in shaping his life. But he is a good person.

Vilhelm Rolsted, however, is not exactly a good person – he is rather energetic and even brutal at times. He has a manic fear of being bored so he parties and womanises – all the while his wife Musse sits at home feeling neglected. He makes a fortune on his summer cottages, but forgets to pay taxes out of his earnings. He and Musse run from the taxman and settle permanently on Costa del Sol in Spain.

His three children develop in very different ways. His eldest, Tess, dreams of becoming a stewardess, but ends up a single mother at an early age. Katja, the youngest, is sent to a boarding school when her parents move to Spain. Later she gets a little family – but she is very unhappy. Lars, the middle child, has a hard time. He is a troublemaker but does not really want to harm anyone. Nevertheless, he rapes a girl at the age of seventeen while in a drunken stupor. A nasty story that comes back to haunt him for years.

The Lund Jensens are the most harmonic family of the three. A solid middle-class family that dreams about fresh air and more leisure time. So they buy one of Rolsted’s summer cottages. Their son Martin is fed up with all the harmony in the family. He longs for drama and big emotions which he gets when he meets the frosty beauty Gertrud. He falls head over heels in love and succeeds at landing her. But his happiness is short-lived, and he spends the following years trying to get over the unhappy affair.

Director Hella Joof
Producer Thomas Gammeltoft
Produced by Fine & Mellow for DR in association with DR fiction
Co-Produced by SVT & NRK with support from Nordisk Film & TV Fond
Duration 5 x 58 min.
Year of Production 2008
Original Title Album