The Agreement

A little bit of world history is made when Serbia and Kosovo meet for the first time ever in chief negotiator Robert Cooper’s EU office to reach an agreement on peaceful co-existence.


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The Agreement

The Agreement

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Stakes are high and the tension in the room is palpable. But in spite of the seriousness of the negotiations, they turn out to be surprisingly funny and the audience is let into an unknown universe of diplomacy – behind the scenes.

As Cooper tries to mediate between the Serbian and the Kosovar negotiators, the three fantastic, charismatic characters personalize a crucial bit of European history in their fight to reach an agreement. It is the last territorial conflict of Europe and it is crucial for the EU to prove its ability to make peace in its own backyard.

Director Karen Stokkendal Poulsen
Producer Vibeke Vogel
Produced by Bullitt Film for DR in ass. with ZDF/ARTE, VPRO, SVT, ERR, RTV Slovenija, Knowledge Netword & Yes/DBS
Duration 60 min.
Expected Release 2013