A Woman Captured


Can freedom be more frightening than enslavement?


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A Woman Captured (Why Slavery? series)

A Woman Captured (Why Slavery? series)

A European woman has been kept by a family as a domestic slave for 10 years. Marish has been exploited and abused by a woman for whom she toils as a housekeeper— entirely unpaid performing all manner of back-breaking household duties in exchange only for meals, cigarettes and a couch to sleep on.
She even must hand over the money she earns from an extra job as a cleaner in a factory. She is forbidden to do anything without permission.
Marish’s 18-year-old daughter ran away a couple of years ago unable to bear her circumstances any longer, but Marish lives with too much fear of leaving though she dreams of seeing her daughter again. The film is a raw and intimate portrayal of the psychology behind enslavement.


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Director Bernadett Tuza-Ritter
Producers Julianna Ugrin & Viki Réka Kiss
Duration 58 min.
Year of Production 2018