A Life After Trafficking


Establishing a new life with hope and dignity


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A Life After Trafficking

A Life After Trafficking

Over the past years many European countries, have seen an increase in the number of trafficked Nigerian women involved in prostitution. Once arrived at their destination, the traffickers present each woman with a fictitious bill of €60.000.

Prostitution is the only possible way out of the debt. One woman who experienced this nightmare is Joy. Joy was trafficked to Denmark for doing prostitution. In the airport she was arrested for carrying a false passport. The papers provided by the traffickers were forged and Joy was taken straight to prison.

The film depicts Joy’s journey back to Nigeria, establishing a new life for herself and her children in the chaotic and poor conditions.

Director Anja Dalhoff
Producer Anja Dalhoff
Produced by Danish Doc Production for DR
Duration 52 min.
Year of Production 2013
Original Title Et liv efter trafficking