A Gift from God


52 min. and 58 min.

Was the failed coup in Turkey in fact staged by the powerful President Erdogan himself? Or was it just an unbelievable luck for him to use the moment to clean up the country?



Journalist Jørgen Lorentzen was in Turkey when the coup attempt happened in 2016 and followed the event the whole evening. In the middle of the night one neighbor said: “This is not a real coup; I have experienced many coups and know what a coup is”. From that moment Lorentzen started the investigation of the event and its aftermath. This documentary is a critically analysis of the coup attempt in Turkey throughout the night of the 15th of July 2016. It differs from the story told by Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the Turkish authorities. Brand new documents and film documentations that have never been seen before are revealed. Through first-hand witnesses, the film meticulously takes the audience through the events of what really happened during that fatal night. Among these are high-ranking officers, journalists, refugees, and experts as well as the exiled opposition leader Fethullah Gülen. The film shows Turkey’s difficult relationship with NATO and Europe and how the country has changed dramatically since the coup attempt.

  • Director

    Jørgen Lorentzen & Nefise Øzkal Lorentzen

  • Producer

    Jørgen Lorentzen

  • Produced by

    Integral Film for Aftenposten TV, DR, SVT