A Dish to Die For

6 episodes
30 min.

A cookery contest with a bloody twist.


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A Dish to Die For

A Dish to Die For

The contestants think they will be competing in a classic cooking competition. They think that all the ingredients will be lined up waiting for them in the studio kitchen, but they soon discover that the meat for their favourite recipe is missing. The studio doors burst open to reveal livestock. If they’re to cook their favourites, an animal must die.

The contestants now have to decide whether to go along to the abattoir, kill and butcher the animal required. Once the animal has been butchered the contestants return to the studio kitchen with the meat. They now have an hour and a half to cook up their favourite dish. A celebrity chef will be present as they do so, and they each get one chance to ask him or her for advice. The chef will also taste the finished dishes and finally pick the winner.

Genre Factual Entertainment
Creator & Producer DR
Broadcaster DR3
Duration 6 x 30 min.
Year of Production 2014
Original Title Dræb din livret