A Deterrent Weapon

or 28 min. version - compatible with the series Late Lessons from Early Warnings.

The two nuclear bombings of Japan during WWII was the starting point of a massive power struggle between the USA and the Soviet Union. This programme takes a closer look at the intriguing history of the atomic bomb.

A Deterrent Weapon

A Deterrent Weapon

When the US detonated two nuclear bombs over Japan in 1945, it was perhaps the largest demonstration of power in the history of civilisation.

But there was more to follow, for the devastating explosions over Hiroshima and Nagasaki were just the starting point of a desperate arms race between the US and the Soviet Union – and during the next 40 years, the nuclear stockpiles of the super powers would grow at an alarming rate leading, on several occasions, to the world being so close to a nuclear war.

It was not until the end of the cold war that thousands of nuclear bombs were disarmed – and the world could once more, breathe easily. At least for a while.

Today, the number of countries with atomic weapon arsenals is on the increase ¬and alongside the likelihood that terrorist groups could, any day, get their hands on this deadly technology, is greater than ever.

Director & Producer Jakob Gottschau
Produced by Express TV-Produktion
Year of Production 2008
Duration 38 min. or 28 min.
Original Title Et Skræmmende Våben