A Dangerous Boy - Aka Siggi The Hacker



Sigurdur Thordarson, otherwise known as Siggi, is the pivotal center in a crazy story of paranoia, intelligence agencies, hacking, forbidden sex, friendship and betrayal, and a heartbreaking coming of age story.

A Dangerous Boy – Aka Siggi The Hacker

A Dangerous Boy – Aka Siggi The Hacker

Siggi makes his debut as a computer hacker at 12, hacking his school’s website. At 14, Siggi leaks documents to Icelandic media, revealing corruption in the Icelandic bank-sector which becomes front-page news. Siggi gets outed as the source, becoming known as the “teenage whistleblower”.

In 2010 Siggi’s newly acquired reputation brings him in contact with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Siggi becomes an integral part of WikiLeaks where Assange treats Siggi like his own son.

Siggi travels the world leaking classified documents to the media while the US government watches in horror. Eventually he gets on the wrong foot with the more and more manic Assange and turns on him. At the age of 18 he takes a drastic decision and becomes an FBI informant spying on WikiLeaks.

It all comes to a drastic end when in 2014 and in 2015 Siggi is sentenced to a total of almost 6 years in prison on various accounts of forgery, extortion and sexual acts with minors.

Today Siggi is free and ready to tell the full story to the world.

Director Ole Bentzen
Producer Søren Steen Jespersen
Produced by Larm Film for DR, VPRO and RTS
Format 4 x 40 min. & feature
Completion 2021